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14 Fun Facts

   Do you like trivia? Then this is the section for you. Each book has 14 facts on a specific subject. Sometimes they are strange, sometimes they are wacky, but they are always true!


14 Fun Facts About Anteaters

14 Fun Facts About Camels

14 Fun Facts About Elephants

14 Fun Facts About Giant Pandas

14 Fun Facts About Lions

14 Fun Facts About Skunks

14 Fun Facts About Tasmanian Devils

14 Fun Facts About Mercury

14 Fun Facts About Venus

14 Fun Facts About Earth

14 Fun Facts About Mars

14 Fun Facts About Jupiter

14 Fun Facts About Saturn

14 Fun Facts About Uranus

14 Fun Facts About Neptune

14 Fun Facts About Dinosaurs

14 Fun Facts About Apatosaurus

14 Fun Facts About Iguanodon

14 Fun Facts About Spinosaurus

14 Fun Facts About Stegosaurus

14 Fun Facts About Triceratops

14 Fun Facts About Tyrannosaurus Rex

14 Fun Facts About Animal Eyes

14 Fun Facts About Big Cats

14 Fun Facts About Animal Teeth

14 Fun Facts About Black Holes

14 Fun Facts About Comets

14 Fun Facts About Pluto

14 Fun Facts About the Moon

14 Fun Facts About the Solar System

14 Fun Facts About the Stars

14 Fun Facts About Mammoths

14 Fun Facts About Dodo Birds

14 Fun Facts About Glyptodonts

14 Fun Facts About Horseshoe Crabs

14 Fun Facts About the Washington Monument

14 Fun Facts About the Lincoln Memorial

14 Fun Facts About the White House

14 Fun Facts About the Sphinx

14 Fun Facts About Digestion

14 Fun Facts About Your Skin

14 Fun Facts About Bees

14 Fun Facts About Death Valley

14 Fun Facts About Bamboo

14 Fun Facts About the US $1 Bill

14 Fun Facts About the Grand Canyon

14 Fun Facts About Yosemite

14 Wacky Facts About Animals

14 More Wacky Facts About Animals

14 Absolutely Horrible, Gross Disgusting Facts About Animals.

   And Many More! 





   Read about the lives of known and unknown people, including Autobiographies of Native Americans and Slaves, and biographies of others of importance.


Geronimo: The Gentle Warrior

Matthew Alexander Henson: The First Man to Reach the North Pole


Full Length Biographies

Rain-in-the-Face: Was He the Man Who Killed Custer?

Typhoid Mary

Dr. Sara Jo Baker: The Woman Who Saved Hundreds of Thousand of Babies

Running 1,000 Miles to Freedom: The Escape of William and Ellen Craft





Ghost Stories 

   Scare yourself silly with these chilling tales of ghosts and monsters...Not for the faint of heart.


Captain Albacore


The Stonemason's Playground

Prisoner of Oak Terrace

The Ghost of the Tree

The Witch's Brew

Ghost Ship on the Cay

The Haunted Treehouse

The Haunted Haystack

The Werewolf of Walther Point

The Isle of Death

The Disappearance of Sara Oglethorpe

The Hobo Graveyard

The Ghost of the Donner Party

Werewolf Fever

The Persistent Ghost

The Haunted Ghost

Wrong Way Round Hall

The Cemetery Ghost

The Haunted Bicycle

The Ghost of the Clairborne

A Ghost at Midnight

A Seat at the Theatre

A Head forNed

The Scarecrow




I Wonder Series


I Wonder... Does a Hammerhead Shark Pound Nails?

I Wonder... Do Bedbugs Snore?

I Wonder... Can A Bald Eagle Grow Hair?

I Wonder... How Do Monkeys Prevent Mosquito Bites?

I Wonder... Does a Camel Store Water In Its Hump?

I Wonder... Does a Hairy Tarantula Comb Its Hair?

I Wonder... Does a Hearing Dog Wear a Hearing Aid?




Meet The Animals

These shortened versions of our Wonderful World of Animal books are intended for early readers. With these books, beginning readers can discover the joy of reading about an animal all by themselves.


Meet the Whales

Meet the Turtles

Meet the Rays

Meet the Sharks

Meet the Clown Fish

Meet the Dolphins

Meet the Manatees

Meet the Sea Dragons

Meet the Sea Otters

Meet the Sea Stars

Meet the Barnacles

Meet the Frogfish

Meet the Jellyfish

Meet the Octopuses

Meet the Sea Horses

Meet the Bighorn Sheep

Meet the Polar Bears

Meet the Raccoons

Meet the Wolves

Meet the Beavers

Meet the Cougars

Meet the Hippos

Meet the Tigers

Meet the Zebras

Meet the Reindeer

Meet the Roadrunners

Meet the Ostriches

Meet the Penguins

Meet the Spider

Meet the Gorillas





   Brodericks Mysteries - Read about a brother and sister who like to solve mysteries together. Mysteries include both 15-minute "can you solve it" mysteries, and longer traditional mystery books.


The Case of the Pageant Princess

The Case of the Jade Jewelry

The Case of the Stolen Sea Dragon

The Case of the Disappearing Dragon

The Case of the Pilfered Picnic

The Case of the Swiped Solar System

The Case of the Ship's Steward

The Case of the Lifted Laptop

The Case of the Photographer's Photo

The Case of the Gone Globe

The Case of the Mansion Mystery

The Case of the Grabbed Geocache

The Case of the Plundered Purse

The Case of the President's Pearls

The Case of the Magazine Millionaire

The Case of the Taken Trophies

The Case of Picasso's Painting

The Case of the Bouncing Boxer

The Case of the Mayor's Mementos

The Case of the Soccer Steal

The Case of the Washington's Waistcoat

The Case of the Jacked Jeans

The Case of the Snoring Sleeper

The Case of the Cheater's Chili

The Case of the Careless Caver

The Case of the Crisp Crayons

The Case of the Pilfered Pellets

The Case of the Vanishing Vase

The Case of the Bird's Beak

The Case of the Cowering Cat


Full Length Brodericks Mysteries:


Indian Ghost at Sutters Swamp

The Room of 1,000 Slaves

Mystery at Blackbeard's Castle






Strange But True Tales

     Read about strange things that really happened.. 

Each of these tales is weird or strange in some way, but all are true.


The Day Niagara Falls Stopped Running

The Mysterious Hands at Gargas





Wonderful World of Animals

   Find out about individual animals, including answering 

What is it? Where does it live? What does it eat? Who are its 

enemies? How does it raise children? and Fun Facts about 

the animal. 


Sea Creatures


Whales: Giants of the Deep

Turtles: Shelled Creatures of Land and Sea

Rays and Skates: Pancakes of the Sea

Sharks: Chompers of the Sea

Clown Fish: Friends of the Stinging Anemone

Dolphins: Playmates of the Sea

Manatees: Mermaids of the Sea

Sea Dragons: Animals in Disguise

Sea Otters: Clowns of the Sea

Sea Stars: Stars of the Sea

Barnacles: Hated Squatters of the Sea

Frogfish: The Weirdest Fish in the Sea

Jellyfish: Boogers of the Sea

Octopuses: Eight Armed Wonders

Sea Horses: Tiny Horses of the Sea


Wild Animals


Bighorn Sheep: World of the Mountain Walkers

Polar Bears: Bears of Ice and Sea

Raccoons: Masked Robbers of the Night

Wolves: Howlers of the Night

Beavers: Gnawers of the Northern Woods

Cougars: Lions of the Mountains

Gorillas: Men of the African Forest

Hippos: Giants Who Love the Water

Tigers: The Lion With Stripes

Zebras: Striped Horses of Africa

Reindeer: Nomads of the North

Roadrunners: The Bird that Likes to Run

Penguins: Birds in Tuxedo Suits

Spiders: Spinners of the Sticky Web

Bats: Fliers of the Night

   And More on the Way!





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